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wantec is a technology company, established in 1999 by Stefan Rupp.  Based in Neresheim - Germany and Simpsonville - South Carolina, wantec is already very well established in Europe and at course for growth in the USA. We has developed an enviable reputation for innovation in these markets.

With a widely ramified sales network and partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry, we are one of the market leader in our chosen specialist field. We work in co-operation with a large and expanding range of industry partners, as our products directly increase sales of IP Intercoms, PBX-Systems and other in an increasingly competitive market.

wantec is constantly innovating and will continue to roll-out useful products solving real-world IP-related problems. We are accelerating our rate of growth with ambitious new product lines, adding to our successful IP connectivity products which have rapidly established the wantec brand and our reputation for innovation.

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MONOLITH C IP Door Intercoms

MONOLITH IP / VoIP door station for integration into an existing network with a SIP server or as a peer-to-peer device for direct dialing to a terminal device. The door call can be accepted with picture over SIP Videophones, Windows Pop Up Program, via Android App, a Fritz! Fon C4 or with the iPhone / iPad App. Pure voice communication is possible over all phones, depending on the system configuration.

2wIP Ethernet over 2-wire connection

The 2wIP can be used to establish a network connection via a 2-wire cable. Here is additional still transferring PoE with on the line. Even the power supply is modulated via PoE with on these 2 wires. The adapter is scalable, a transmitter can be up to 4 Control receiver

Simple to install, no configuration, no software required

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wantecWire high-quality small and flat patchcords

WantecWire Patchcords are high quality patch cords, slim, flexible manufactured with all requirements from ANSI/TIA-568-C.2

With very slim and small sizes they are perfect to handle in different cases.

wantecWire is compatible to CE, RoHS and Reach Standards


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